Panel 1: Reconfiguring Poverty

1. Kornelia Kozovska: Measuring Poverty and social exclusion in the European Union The concepts of poverty and social exclusion used at the EU level have developed in support of a policy coordination process (social OMC) and in connection with EU level statistical developments. From the ‘70s onwards, there has been a gradual evolution of the … Continue reading

Philippe Van Parijs: The Euro-Dividend

Prof. Van Parjis in his interesting opening lecture introduced the audience to his proposal of a Basic Income, the Euro-Dividend. For those who are not familiar with the concept, basic income is a nonconditional income which is guaranteed to all individuals. It is nonconditional in three ways: (i) it is individual, i.e. does not depend … Continue reading

EPPC 2013 begins today

The 5th European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) 2013 begins today at La Maison de l’Argentine in Paris. We welcome participants from 4.00 pm to register. From 5.00 pm the conference starts with a welcome lecture by Philippe Van Parijs on his concept of the Euro-Dividend. For continuous updates and daily summaries of the events make … Continue reading

Welcome message by Gesine Schwan

Welcome message by Gesine Schwan

Dear students, At first glance, poverty in the rich world seems to be an oxymoron; it might even seem impertinent to people living under extreme poverty to call ‘poor’ those who actually seem to have their ‘basic needs’ met. However, despite consolidated welfare systems that attempt to redistribute from the rich to the poor and … Continue reading

Vincent Caron (EAPN) to speak at EPPC 2013

Vincent Caron (EAPN) to speak at EPPC 2013

Vincent Caron, Policy officer for Structural Funds, Services, Discrimination, Poverty and Fundamental Rights at EAPN (The European Anti-Poverty Network) will join EPPC 2013 as speaker. The European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) is an independent network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and groups involved in the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the Member States of … Continue reading

Conference schedule published

Today, we published the conference schedule of EPPC 2013. You can download a pdf-version of the schedule here: EPPC Programme > Thursday, 18th April 4:00 pm Registration 5:00 Introductory session by Philippe Van Parijs: “The Euro-dividend” 6:30 Dinner Reception > Friday, 19th April 9:30 am Coffee and Registration 10:00 Panel 1: Reconfiguring Poverty with Luca … Continue reading